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10 things I learned from the Great North Run

This year, Natalie, Jenn and Pack friend Joy ran the 13.1 miles from Newcastle to South Shields in the Great North Run.

After months of preparation and training, it was over in a matter of hours. But what did we learn from it? Here are 10 things Jenn discovered…


1. No-one needs to apply deep heat, it’s in the air to be absorbed by osmosis. (Especially when sprayed in a crowd. Don’t do that, it hurts the lungs of those around you.)

2. The race start time is a lie, you’ll be crossing that line a good 30-40 minutes after that clock starts, settle in and make friends around you

3. A motorway underpass has surprisingly good acoustics

4. Jelly babies are rather claggy, water is recommended to help with consumption

5. There is nowhere higher in the world than South Shields

6. There is nowhere lower in the world than South Shields

7. The people that line the route are the most generous, kind-hearted and supportive you’ll ever encounter

8. There will be photos taken. You will look ridiculous.

9. There is no feeling like crossing that line. You will be emotional.

10. Running for a cause, as we did this year for High Tide Foundation, means that you have the power to make a huge difference. The support we’ve received from family, friends, clients and contacts has been incredible so to everyone who donated, offered advice and kept us going through training and injury, we want to say a huge THANK YOU.


So, what’s your next challenge?


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