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108 things I heard at the Social Media Results Conference

I attended my first Social Media Results Conference in London last week. Everything was on a much smaller scale compared to PubCon in Las Vegas (and there wasn’t a goody bag!) but apart from that it was a nice little event with some great speakers.

Social Media Results

Social Media Results

Here are some things I heard from each speaker…

Richard Harris, Head of Online Marketing at Paddy Power gave advice on generating captivating content….



1. Content must be integrated throughout the whole marketing strategy

2. Everyone in the team is responsible for social media

3. Add a bit of personality to your content

4. Develop guidelines for social media

5. Time your posts for when you have the most active audience

6. Five posts a day have proven to be optimal (unless you have a high profile campaign)

7. Think about a data strategy too – how can you capture and use data?

8. Social media is like CRM on steroids

9. Mobile has to come first


Charles Ubaghs, Head of Social Media at Global Radio spoke about Classic FM’s Facebook page to prove organic reach isn’t dead….


10. Organic reach on Facebook isn’t dead

11. Use quality imagery that resonate with audience

12. Social media is not a marketing channel to us, it’s an editorial channel

13. Engagement is our focus

14. If you wouldn’t respond to a Facebook post, don’t post it

15. Humour helps engagement

16. Memes gain a lot of interaction but don’t meme for meme’s sake

17. Optimise posts with photos, links and abstracts full of key words

18. Facebook has caused a 300% increase in traffic to our website

19. How many likes is of no value; it’s how many people are ‘talking about’ your page

20. Tone is everything


Dom Dwight, Brand Development Manager for Yorkshire Tea discussed creating content that generates genuine interaction…



21. Three basic principles of social media: Know yourself, know your audience and feed the conversation

22. To thine own brand identity be true

23. In a rush to get noticed, don’t lose touch of what your brand identity is

24. You need to get likes from the right people

25. Know your audience – when are they online? For Yorkshire Tea customers it’s mainly 9.30pm

26. Don’t own the conversation; feed it – monitor what’s going on around you and respond

27. Reward your loyal fans

28. Be creative #Teaonthetrain


Rob Mansfield, Senior Digital Editor of Age UK discussed integrating social media into the marketing mix…



29. When it comes to followers, small is beautiful, if they are engaged

30. Your brand advocates counteract negativity


Natalia Cano, B2B Marketing Manager discussed getting the most out of Google+…

31. Cadbury use hangouts to trial chocolate bars

32. Barack Obama uses hangouts to tackle unemployment in the US

33. There are now Helpouts on Google+

34. You don’t have to be a member of Google+ to see its adverts

35. Recommended use of Google+ is 12 minutes a day


Sam Oakley, Managing Director of StashMetrics spoke about how to be a good listener on social media…

36. People share 0.02 – 0.08% of social media content they see

37. People are most likely to share content for entertainment reasons

38. Listen to what your fans engage with

39. Listen to what they want

40. Show empathy – let their tastes affect yours

41. Listen to who people are, don’t just count them

42. Put yourself in their shoes

43. Listen constructively to side step the ROI debate


Thane Ryland, Head of Global Social Media Insights at Microsoft ran a discussion on content marketing during the lunchtime breakout…

44. There is a rise in the disposable and micro content

45. People on social media have a seven second attention span

46. 89% of people consume media through an app

47. It’s not just about social media it’s the app experience

48. “We’re moving from Mad Men to Math Men” (From art to maths)

49. We use maths to prove ROI, but have we gone too far?

50. Social media should be a compelling art

51. Average lifespan of a tweet is three hours

52. Instagram is massive, however it’s difficult to generate analytics (Only have likes and comments)

53. Buzzfeed drives a lot of social sharing

54. Lots of people all churning out the same thing – Content Pollution


Shell’s Global Community Manager, Tom Webster shared with us how to prevent negativity on social media…



55. Facebook is the cornerstone of brand campaigns

56. Many people don’t understand why Shell have a Facebook page – why create a target?

57. Without social media you have no voice

58. How can we respond to something if we can’t see it?

59. Mitigate negativity through positivity

60. Use Facebook to build brand presence

61. Find out what audience wants and give it to them

62. Different cultures mean different attitudes

63. Don’t cause a Streisand Effect: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect

64. Everything has a shelf life on the internet

65. Have FAQs published in order to produce a fast response

66. One third of Americans get their news from Facebook

67. PR, social media and advertising needs to work together to share the same story

68. Just have one page – it’s easier to monitor

69. Use Geotargeting to target posts to certain audiences


Oliver Newton, Brand and Agency Advocate for Twitter UK talked about winning the moment on Twitter…

70. 80% of people use Twitter on their mobile

71. It took Twitter two and a half years to get to one billion tweets

72. There are now one billion tweets every two days

73. People love TV…. they love it more with Twitter

74. Twitter and TV are symbiotic – you see the most interaction around TV shows

75. 60% of users tweet while watching TV

76. 95% of public conversations about TV happen on Twitter

77. A film has a Twitter print – same activity at same moment

78. Twitter is the live second screen

79. The 2014 World Cup will be massive on Twitter

80. 100 days before the World Cup there were already more tweets about Rio 2014 than during the 2010 World Cup

81. Think like a nasty 11 year old boy when planning a hashtag

82. Lynx used the #KissforPeace very well to direct people to that conversation

83. Use promoted tweets only on great content


Tesco’s Head of Digital Communications, Adrian Harris discussed how Tesco embraces social media…



84. Animated infographics work well to drive engagement

85. Twitter is a key tool for Tesco

86. Twitter is great for interacting with journalists

87. We have social media guidelines instead of a policy

88. Be true, be aware, think and acknowledge

89. Individual store managers can be great at promoting their stores through personal accounts

90. Try to respond in less than one hour

91. Share content internally as well as externally

92. You don’t need a huge team on social media to deliver


Paul Donnelly, Campaigns Manager at Red Cross spoke about targeting key audiences…


93. Used social media to help young people learn first aid

94. Targeted ‘Screenagers’ (teenagers who use screens -mobiles, tablets etc)

95. Used YouTube as main social media platform

96. Produced series of Edutainment videos – Get attention, keep attention, tell me what to do

97. You forget something you’ve learned in 14 weeks if you are not reminded regularly


Museum of London’s Director of Communications, Anthony Robbins showed us how they protect their brand…



98. Museum is heart of social media – it’s all about sharing content which is what we do

99. Set the tone of voice

100. Be authoritative, but fun

101. Don’t schedule content

102. We found using ‘hero’ content (your best content) on a Friday works well


Richard Clarke, Managing Editor of Arsenal Football Club talked about the ever changing social landscape…




103. Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform with engagement up 4000%

104. The more we bring out colours on Instagram posts, the more likes we get

105. We use Vine to have fun with creative content

106. SoundCloud is a big one for us for during the match commentary

107. We’re trying to figure out how we can use Snapchat

108. Our editorial team manages our social media accounts



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