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16-year old app developer, Khurram Asif, launches the first UK-based social network ‘Heelo’

A 16-year-old student studying for his A Levels is launching the first social network to be based in the UK when Heelo will be unveiled to the public in March.


Heelo is a social network focussing on video calling, VoIP calling and messaging. With features including the ability to make HD video calls with more than three parties, Heelo is designed to be the simplest way of communicating with friends and family.


Developer, Khurram Asif of East London, began developing the social network in 2014 when looking for a messaging platform encompassing simplicity, connectivity and flexibility.


Beginning production in 2015, Khurram has juggled the planning and development of Heelo with his GCSE studies, gaining mainly A* and A grades. He is now studying Economics, Physics and Maths at A Level with the aim of studying Computer Science at university.


With a passion for tech from a young age, Khurram taught himself HTML, CSS and Java before beginning to build professional websites and developing apps, founding his own company TechSimulater at the age of 11.


His work is admired by industry experts with Khurram being recognised internationally with a contract for Qatar Airways to develop an app reflecting their status as an executive airline. Due to his young age, the money owed for this project is being held in trust for Khurram until he comes of age and will be paid upon release of the app.


Khurram said: “I wanted to create a messaging platform that was simple. Apps and technology have developed so quickly that some consumers are left behind. Heelo is designed to make technology and communication easy for everyone.”


Heelo, available on iOS from March and Android from Autumn, will launch at an exclusive event at The May Fair Hotel, London on March 3. The event will feature a presentation by Khurram, as well as exclusive feature reveals and the first look at how the app will continue to grow.

To attend, register here



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