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17 things I learnt from my visit to Facebook London HQ

facebook iconLast week I (Charlotte) visited Facebook London HQ, thanks to a trip organised by Entrepreneurs’ Forum.

The visit was amazing and strengthened my love of the number one social network.

Here’s what I learnt from my outing:

 1. The team wear hoodies to remind them that there could be someone else developing the new Facebook somewhere in their bedroom and they’re probably wearing a hoody.

 2. The building has an unfinished design with exposed ceilings and boarded up walls – this is to symbolise that they are never finished.

 3. There are several bars within Facebook – they’re okay with alcohol at work, but just say, ‘don’t be that person’. The organisation trusts its people to make the right decisions.

 4. There are no set work hours and people can work from where they’re most productive so long as they achieve their goals.

5. The team get their IT equipment out of a vending machine! – If something’s broken they just go and get a replacement. This increases efficiency and reduces any downtime.

6. Its mission is simple: Connect the world.

7. The canteen is amazing! The choice of food and drink on offer is so diverse with healthy and not so healthy options. There’s even a pick ‘n’ mix station (This was a personal highlight for me!).

8. They have coding tips on the back of toilet doors so you can still learn while sat on the toilet!

9. It takes up to 13 interviews to discover if you’re the right culture fit for Facebook.

10. You’re encouraged to connect with employees on Facebook – the more you know someone, the better you trust them.

11. They base everything they do on 70% creativity and 30% experience.

12. Its values are:

13. The majority of its team are Generation Y.

14. They believe it’s crucial to have good managers.

15. Managers have clear expectations:

16. Not only do managers have goals, they have non-goals to avoid distraction.

17. Facebook recognises that the traditional goal of achieving ‘work / life balance’ is becoming outdated and is focusing on integrating work and life instead.

It was a fantastic experience to visit for the day and learn that no matter how big the brand is, ‘the manager trumps the brand.’


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