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2014 monthly social media packages

Har'&Hugo Master LogoAs the world of social media changes on a daily basis we regularly adapt our social media packages to account for this. We’re currently perfecting on our new 2014 social media packages and wanted to explain some of the changes we are making this year….

 Less follower focused…

We’ve usually based our packages around the number of followers you will attract as clients have found this one of the best ways of measuring activity. After managing over 100 accounts in the last five years, we have found the follower numbers are so changeable depending on which account we have been running so it has been hard to manage expectations. For example one account managed exactly the same way on the 2013 Silver package may have attracted 200 followers a month and the other only 50.

 Content and engagement…

Although it’s important to have a strong following from your target market, what’s more important is content and engagement. Our 2014 packages are therefore based around content and engagement as opposed to follower numbers. If the content is suitable for your target market and we’re engaging with the right people, the followers will come naturally. We’d much rather we managed an account that had only 50 followers that are in your target market than 5000 followers that are completely irrelevant.

 What’s not going to change…

We have always and continue to believe in:

This will continue to be reflected in the 2014 packages.

 Where are the new social media packages?

For businesses interested in our new social media packages (as well as the many agencies who have used our social media packages to model their own on over the years), we will be posting more information about our social media packages very shortly.

 If you are interested in social media packages now, please call Charlotte on 01325 486666.

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