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3 businesses that won't disappear on Snapchat

With Snapchat becoming more and more popular amongst businesses, we thought we’d give you some examples of organisations that have nailed the millennial app…

World Wildlife Fund














Image taken from www.adweek.com

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) launched its powerful #LastSelfie campaign on Snapchat to demonstrate how fast an endangered animal can become extinct.

Each image included an animal with the words ‘Don’t let this be my #lastselfie’. Followers were encouraged to take screen shots of the snaps and send them on to their friends.

As you can imagine, the marketing campaign had a great impact.

16 Handles















Image taken from www.adage.com

16 Handles, the yogurt shop, confesses to be the first business to launch a marketing campaign on Snapchat.

The campaign included three steps. The first was to send a Snapchat of yourself eating 16 Handles’ yogurt. After, the business replied with a Snapchat of a coupon. Participants then had to refrain from opening the Snapchat until they were at the till ready to buy ice cream and redeem their offer. Discounts were between 16% up to 100% – free ice cream, what a great surprise!

Taco Bell

taco bell


















Image taken from www.smallbiztrends.com

The Mexican fast food chain uses emojis and doodles over its Snapchats just like its target market does – and that’s why it has an impressive Snapchat open rate of 80%!

Followers will engage with their new food products because they talk in the language of the people using the app, making their business relatable.

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