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4 Tips for a great LinkedIn summary

This is your chance to grab attention…once you’re connected with that person, who knows where it will lead?


1. Who are you?

What’s your identity? What are you known for?LinkedIn-Logo-02

This is your chance to tell LinkedIn users what you’re all about. It’s always good to be able to describe yourself in under 10 seconds anyway.


2. What do you do?

So you’ve captured someone’s attention, now you can tell them a bit more, but still keep it brief. Give:

·         Your title and company

·         A brief description of what you do at the job

·         How you can help people


3. Be memorable

Write a closing line about your professional mission and try and make it memorable.


4. Look good

Finally, don’t forget to have a professional photo, people will judge you by how you look.


If you need help writing your LinkedIn summary, we’re on hand! Give us a call on 01325 734800.

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