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5 reasons businesses must have a website

Happy 5th birthday Harvey & Hugo, to help us celebrate out blogs this month are based around the number 5! bigstock-A-thermometer-with-words-It-s--17792966

Many businesses have websites and a lot have social media accounts, but are there advantages of having just social media and not a website? Here are a few points to consider.

1.     Credibility – For a small business, trust and credibility are important factors. It is easy to create a social media presence but will it make you credible? Creating a website shows a commitment to your business and services. The added depth can be matched with the social media side.

2.      Control – A website allows you to be in total control of your online marketing. You own your domain and can run your website to suit your business. Using just social media platforms is like renting the web space and you have to abide by their guidelines. For example, if you wanted to have a contest on Facebook, you would need to follow their rules. A website allows you to be in total control of your online marketing.

3.     Analytics – A website enables you to save and understand your customer’s information to make sure you are fulfilling their needs. Most social media provide limited data on who is looking at and enjoying your presence. Google Analytics is superb at detailing who is working on your website and allows you as a business owner to see useful trends to grow your business.

4.      Owning Transactions – Do you sell anything online?  A website makes it easy to do this. Though social media does have some capabilities of selling products, you are restricted to the systems they have in place, which may not be suitable for your business. It could also cost you money to sell your products and services in other ways.

5.      Communication – Communication is at the heart of social media.  But websites allow you to follow up customers and collect information for future use. They also give you a lot more visual opportunity to ‘wow’ your customers!


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