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5 reasons why you should be using Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media site that allows users to create their own mood boards by ‘pinning’ images that they like. Though it can appear confusing at first, it’s another great platform for marketing your company and engaging with you target audience. Here are a few reasons why you should be using one of the fastest growing websites in history:

1.       As you might have guessed, it’s popular!

Last year saw a rise in the total amount of adult users from 21% to 28%. Whilst Pinterest has seen a greater rise in women users, the proportion of male users is gradually increasing from 8% to 13% in 2014 according to a study by Nate Elliot of Forester.

2.       It’s addictive

Being so visual, users can quickly and easily sift through content by liking and sharing pins they find interesting. According to one study 17% of members now use the site daily.

3.       It drives  traffic to your website

With nearly as many visitors as Twitter and with an estimated following of 70 million users, Pinterest can drive a huge amount of traffic back to your website. Each pin contains a link to the original website, connecting you to your audience in a really simple way.

4.       See what your audience loves

Pinterest is a great place to see the types of content your audience is sharing, making it a great way of spotting popular content and trends.

5.       Engage with your market

Pinterest provides a simple and effective means of engaging with your market. By creating a range of boards each with a different theme, you can appeal to as many of your audience’s interests as you like.

So what are you waiting for? Get pinning!

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