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5 reasons why your business should invest in Facebook advertising

Many businesses believe that just having a social media account means that hundreds or thousands of users are seeing their content. This is not Facebook Login on Apple iPadthe case and in fact may only be seen by a handful of people.

Why? It is often a combination of Facebook newsfeeds being continuous and many users only scroll down one or two pages at a time, so they may simply miss the posts and the page not getting enough fans.

So how can a page boost its follower numbers? Ideally, this is done through interesting, engaging content which is shared. However, no matter how good your content is, this can take a long time.

One effective way to boost fan numbers more quickly is Facebook advertising, here are five reasons why:

1. Targeting – The targeting tool is very effective. You can narrow down who the advert reaches according to their interests, occupation, marital status, age, gender and more. This can help businesses wanting to attract a certain demographic, for example a nursery may target new parents.

2. Pay-per-click – Put simply, if the advert isn’t interesting your target market, you don’t pay for it. This means no money is wasted on ineffective advertising.

3. Conversion – Businesses can choose where to direct those who click on the advert. This includes Facebook pages, websites or a page post. This means the target audience is being directed to the right platform for the chosen advert.

4. Tracking – It is very easy to track a Facebook advert thanks to its advert reports. This includes a day by day report of the adverts’ success, how much has been spent so far, the reach and the average number of times users have seen the advert. This makes it easy to see what is working and adapt the advert accordingly.

5. It reaches smartphone users – Traditional advertising is on the decline. In the day and age where people spend more and more time on their smartphone devices it is important to reach them.  Remember, a lot of people now make purchases on their smartphones at the same time as checking their social media. Facebook advertising is a great way to catch them.


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