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5 Rules for a good reputation

PR is all about promoting your positive news and making sure everyone knows how great your business is.

A good reputation goes a long way. Here’s how to make sure that people are always saying good things about you and your company:


Always under promise and over deliver

Research shows that people tell twice as many people about good service as bad, so make sure that you don’t give them a reason to complain. Deliver the products or services that you sell as efficiently and professionally as possible.


Be positive yourself, at all times

Lead by example. If you send out positive messages about your business to your team, your clients and anyone you meet, this enthusiasm will spread. If you believe in your business, others will follow.


Don’t hide away from a crisis

Sometimes things happen which are outside of your control which may negatively impact your business. Don’t hide away from it. Deal with the issue quickly and decide on the best plan to put a positive perspective on things.


Ask for testimonials

You know the old saying; “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”. Often, businesses are too reluctant to ask for testimonials, as they don’t want to bother their clients. However, a happy client will be more than pleased to give you some great written feedback. This can be added to your website to demonstrate your amazing customer service. Let others do the talking for you.


Be genuine

Above all, people buy from people. Be honest and transparent and build strong positive relationships with people. Your business will thrive and people will have nothing but good things to say.


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