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5 tips on how to be a strong team in PR

To celebrate Harvey & Hugo’s 5th birthday, our five-strong pack have written a blog post each surrounding the theme of number five. The pack

As the latest addition to the H&H pack, having been here (almost!) five months, I have quickly been accepted into the team.

I’m new to the PR world, and I soon came to realise how intense and fast-paced the industry can be. Now that I’ve started to find my feet, I have reflected on some of the help my teammates have given me over the months, and hope to shed light on some tips for those working in a close-knit team.

 1.     The importance of communication

Who would have thought it? Communication is key within the communications industry (Duh!) The sheer intensity of public relations means it is vital to keep communication open and flowing. At Harvey & Hugo we host weekly meetings to make sure our team, and our clients have everything they need for the week ahead. It’s a great way to make sure everyone has the support they need…

 2.     A supportive base

Celebrate each other’s successes, whether this is press coverage, winning a contract or writing an awesome tweet. You want to keep motivation up by sharing everyone’s victories. This way, you’ll be thinking like a team rather than individuals (and it’s an excuse to give plenty of high fives!)

 3.     Sharing a core purpose

You are more likely to become successful if all team members are fighting for the same goal. If you want to be the best out there ensure the company’s vision and values are clearly defined.

 4.     Do your bit!

If you can tell your colleague is on a deadline, take their calls for them and help out where you can. If it looks like your fellow PR exec needs a strong cup of coffee, put the kettle on. (They’ll probably return the favour when you need it, too!)

 5.     Take the criticism

Working together for almost 40 hours a week can take a strain on your working relationships, as you spend so much time together. If your account manager hands you some feedback, try and not take it too personally. Your team are there to make you better, and that can only come with feedback.


Hopefully this can give you some insight into how our “fab five” make a well oiled machine. The five of us also regularly give out high fives, and sing along to the Jackson 5 (have I overdone it with the theme?)

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