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5 top tips to get your crowdfunding venture off to the best start on social media

bigstock-World-social-media-network-19958630When it comes to crowdfunding (and anything else for that matter), we think social media is a godsend. Follow our tips and start raising the funds for you new crowdfunding venture! Good luck!


Create social media accounts in advance of your crowdfunding launch

It’s extremely important you create social media accounts before the launch of your crowdfunding project. If you don’t have a following or fan base to share and spread the word of your amazing opportunity, the opportunity might as well not be available. You’ll never raise funds from 0 followers and 0 fan base – simples! We recommend setting up your account at least 1 month before the launch of your crowdfunding venture.


Get people excited

Now that your social media accounts are set up, it’s time to get people excited and prepare them for some serious crowdfunding. Tease your audience with clues on your new venture and start a countdown – the more excited you appear, the more excited your fans and followers will be!


Target your desired market

Social media allows you to directly target your desired market – that’s the beauty of it, so capitalise on it. If your crowdfunding project is related to football, start tweeting about the game that’s on on Saturday and retweet football managers.


Splash out on advertising

Social media advertising is a great way to really hone in on your target market. It allows you to specifically target people’s gender, age, location, job title, interests and more! It’s definitely worth giving it a go – hopefully it’ll push you that step closer to your goal!


Hold a crowdfunding competition

Ask people to spread the message by retweeting and sharing, in return offer the random lucky winner a share in your new venture. Or, if you want to hold a competition that’s a bit more adventurous, ask people to guess the date you hit your crowdfunding goal. It’s a great way to cause a buzz around your accounts and interact with your followers and fan base.


We’d like to wish all of our crowdfunding friends luck with their new business projects and if we see you on social media, we’ll be sure to give you a shout out!


If you’ve given the above tips a go and still can’t seem to raise awareness and the capital you need for your new venture through social media, give us a call on 01325 486666. Our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

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