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7 reasons your Facebook page gets no likes, shares or comments

Are you tired of logging into Facebook to find you have no new notifications for your Facebook page? Ever thought that you’re putting people off by what you do? Follow our sevenHarvey & Hugo, blog, social, media, PR, marketing agency, Darlington, Newcastle, Facebook, blogging  simple what-not-to-do tips to avoid disappointment every time you log in…

DON’T ask broad questions…

People scrawling up and down their Facebook feed at lunch time don’t have time to think about their best day in the whole of 2002… So, don’t ask it!

Ask questions which can easily be answered, such as ‘Do you prefer our chocolate cake or apple crumble?’ (definitely chocolate cake!.. See, easy!)

DON’T presume people will like your post without asking them to…

Some people need a bit of direction, even when it comes to Facebook. If you want people to like your post – ask them!

DON’T post an essay…

People aren’t going to like, share or comment on a post they can’t even be bothered to read – end of!

Keep text to a minimum and only include information that’s relevant to your target market.

DON’T just post text… 

Upload images, videos and articles too – the more visually appealing the better!

DON’T disappear… 

People will presume you’ve gone bust, or simply don’t care about them… And so they won’t care about you!

We suggest uploading at least a couple of posts a day – it’s good to remind people of your organisation!

DON’T repeat yourself…

It’s annoying to keep reading the same update again and again!

Be creative and think of something different to say for each post.

And, finally, NEVER be boring! 

There’s nothing worse than an uninspiring post – if you sound like you don’t like your organisation, I don’t know how you expect other people to like it either.

We understand a lot of you don’t have time for Facebook – it’s a busy world!… If you’d like us to manage you Facebook page, or any of your social media accounts, please call us on 01325 486666 or email info@harveyandhugo.com

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