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A look back at social media changes of 2015

As this is our first blog of 2016, we thought we’d take a look back on some of the biggest changes to our favourite social media platforms over the last year.

Throughout the past 12 months, there has been many alterations – some big and some relatively small – but each one influencing the way we use social media.


Facebook became more than a social media platform, it became useful, as businesses began using the social network to gain revenue and increase awareness of their company.

Facebook’s usefulness was also key for individuals, as shown in a recent Cornell study of 5,000 surveys, which states more people stay on Facebook purely for personal gain. Whether it’s tracking down long lost friends or having a nosey at your neighbours latest holiday snaps, Facebook is now a necessity in most people’s lives.

One change which split users’ opinions was the rumour of the ‘dislike’ button. Facebook played with the idea of adding a dislike button, allowing friends to show their dislike towards a post. Some users thought it would be a great idea, whereas others thought it might encourage cyber bullying. As 2016 has come around, we are yet to see the dislike button make an appearance, but will it resurface in the future?

One exciting change to Facebook profiles was the option to replace a profile picture with a profile video. It was found to be a fun way for the indecisive to have more than one picture on a continuous loop.  However, only Android or IOS users were able to make the most of this changes as it was only functional on the app.


Twitter also experienced a revamp, with live moments and impressions being added to the platform and the introduction of the all new ‘Like’ button. All of these changes caused a stir within the social media community, however some users expressed concerns as they were beginning to feel like twitter was starting to become more and more like Facebook.

One major and exciting new change on Twitter last year was the removal of the character limit used on direct messages. Users are now able to write messages freely without having the worry being restricted to only 140 characters.

The social media platform always has and still today receives some complaints over the character limit on tweets, with users feeling the restriction limits them from saying all that they need too.

There are rumours this could all be about to change, making Twitter a place where character limitations are something of the past. We can’t decide how we feel, should this rumour become reality, but we are excited to see if 2016 will bring about a decision once and for all.


When it comes to Instagram, everyone went wild at the new filters which could be edited within the app, saving the time and hassle of having to edit photos elsewhere.

Instagram advertising was also introduced, equipping businesses with another platform to interact with their audience. The sponsored posts have proven to be a hit with Instagram users and for this very reason alone, the social network has quickly seen an increase in the number of companies using it and businesses in turn have recorded rising levels of interaction with customers.


Still considered one of the new kids on the block, Snapchat had a great 2015, thanks to many of its cool and crazy features, including cartoon-like filters. It offered people the change to turn into a Hulk look-a-like, have pop-out cartoon eyes and much more, keeping users entertained for hours.  Our personal favourite is the rainbow filter – who doesn’t love an explosion of colour in their life – and we don’t think we’ll be getting bored anytime soon of seeing all the creative ways these filters can be used.

This round up of last year’s social media changes goes to show just how much can happen in a year. From all the minor or major transformations, it’s clear to see social platforms are working hard to make sure we keep enjoying all they have to offer and much more.

We’re excited to see what 2016 has to bring, are you? Tell us what your favourite change of 2015 was and what changes would you like to see this year?



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