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Join The Pack

Being part of The Pack isn’t for everyone, in fact, 90% need not apply.

Agency life with The Pack can be incredibly rewarding, however it’s also demanding and fast-paced. You have to be strong, resilient and hungry to thrive.

Every individual counts. After all, our motto is: “For the strength of The Pack is the wolf, and the wolf is the strength of The Pack.”

If you’re one of the few individuals who can cut it with us you will be:

    1. Skilful
    2. Efficient
    3. Caring
    4. Punctual
    5. Full of positive energy
    6. Honest
    7. Loyal
    8. Resilient
    9. A team player
    10. Proactive
    11. Creative
    12. Adaptable

Please don’t waste our time if the below applies to you:

  1. Bad attitude
  2. Lack the skills
  3. Late
  4. Boring
  5. Too slow
  6. Dishonest
  7. Low energy
  8. Arrogant
  9. Careless
  10. Rude
  11. A lone wolf
  12. Irrational

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Join The Pack - Being part of The Pack


Core Pack roles

We’re always looking for the best people to join The Pack. Our core team roles are pivotal to everything we do.


WANTED: PR and social media executive        WANTED: PR Account Manager



Content creator roles

As part of our plans for 2020, we’re looking to recruit content creators to The Pack. We will be considering full and part-time opportunities for the below roles.


WANTED: Animated Artist     WANTED: Wonderful Wordsmith


Although we may not currently have a vacancy that matches your skill set and experience, we are always on the look out for talented and motivated people to join The Pack.