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Anson Corporate Media

I approached Harvey & Hugo a couple of months ago to ask for assistance growing my corporate video production business as well as help acquiring new clients through social media.


Initially I was a little hesitant to hand over control of my Twitter and LinkedIn account details to someone else but I needn’t have worried as Harvey & Hugo grasped the tone and content immediately.

The key for me was that I needed their time to pay for itself though a positive ROI.  I was thrilled when I secured a brand new client ‘Premier’ as the direct result of a Harvey & Hugo tweet.  So far I’ve had over £3,000 worth of business with the potential of more on the way so it’s more than paid for itself!

I would recommend Harvey & Hugo to anyone who is looking to expand their business, they give you the opportunity to reach a whole new group of potential customers.  They can’t guarantee you that you’ll gain business as a result but Anson Corporate Media are proof that it does work!


Lawrence Conyers, Owner, Anson Corporate Media

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