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App enables motorists to fight back against soaring servicing charges

Cash-strapped motorists can slash their car servicing costs with the launch of a revolutionary new money saving app.

Teon has developed a first-of-its-kind app that offers drivers a simplified, step-by-step guide to DIY servicing of   their own specific car, allowing them to make huge savings in the process.

The web-app, which is available across all mobile platforms, has been launched as a direct response to the spiralling cost of vehicle servicing, with the latest research showing the average hour of a mechanic’s time is now in excess of £80.

Teon is giving away free “weekly checks” apps, specific to users’ own cars. As confidence builds, users can opt to buy an Interim Service Manual for their own model.

For a one-off payment of £4, motorists could steer clear of unnecessary charges and save an estimated £50 to £120 for each trip to the garage they avoid by learning to carry out simple maintenance tasks to their vehicle.

In situations where users still feel unable to carry out servicing tasks themselves, the app gives them the information required to successfully negotiate with a garage to reach the best possible price.

As well as providing simple to follow guides on interim servicing tasks and weekly maintenance checks, the app also features high quality “How-to” animations and CGI graphics.

Peter George, who has headed up the development of the app over the last two years, said: “With the soaring cost of repairs and servicing – not to mention fuel costs and car insurance – motorists are becoming increasingly squeezed.

“Our new app aims to help drivers fight back by learning how to look after their vehicles and to minimise the amount of trips they make to the garage – the average user should save themselves £50 a year as an absolute minimum. We’ve been delighted with the response so far from users and expect the app’s popularity to grow rapidly in the months ahead.”

Currently the app has been developed for almost all of the car brands on UK roads today and, by Summer 2013, expects to have every single model catalogued.

The web-app can be integrated seamlessly into social media platforms. Teon is also in the process of translating the app into a number of languages.

To get started, Teon is giving away free “weekly checks” apps, or – to trial a full version of Teon’s car interim-servicing app – please visit: www.app.teon.co and search for Ford – Mustang – Petrol – 4600cc to explore the full product.

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