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Apprentices drive success at fast-growing Darlington-based Fintech firm, MyFirmsApp

Talented young apprentices are playing an important role in the rapid growth and global expansion of a North East Fintech business.

Darlington-based MyFirmsApp, which runs the world’s largest custom App platforms for professional service firms, has ensured apprenticeships are a key part of its recruitment strategy since its launch in 2013 – and is now reaping rewards.

In just three years, the Company has built up a 750-strong global client list, 175,000 end-users and a presence in the UK, Australia, South Africa, the US and Ireland. MyFirmsApp is expecting more and more growth as Apps go mainstream and become adopted by businesses around the world.

Integral to its success to date has been a loyal, passionate and high energetic team of experienced staff, who are happy to help share, train and develop apprentices. This blend has created a great working environment and is important to the firm’s success, says CEO Joel Oliver, whose own career was forged via an apprenticeship rather than immediately going to college or university.

“There are many different routes to finding a job you enjoy which is also rewarding, and to developing a successful career,” he says. “The common route of ‘school, college and university’ works for some but not all and we think it’s helpful and motivating for people to know there are other ways.

“Not everyone learns by being taught in a classroom environment or told how things work. For some it’s about being hands-on and learning on the job. That’s why, as a high-growth Fintech business, we want to provide opportunities for people to learn in a creative, ambitious company.”

MyFirmsApp, which employs 24 people, offers apprenticeships in sales and marketing, software development, App design and build as well as general business admin.

Joel says: “It’s particularly exciting to be creating these jobs in an area that’s synonymous with the industrial revolution; we are now the first Fintech company in Darlington at the forefront of this new technological revolution.”

The CEO believes apprentices bring a range of benefits to an organisation, including a sense of creativity unspoiled by a corporate outlook or agenda, a willingness to learn, tech-savviness and long-term loyalty.

“We value our apprentices so highly that we ensure each one is placed into a role that
directly shapes our shared future,” he says.

Among the recent crop of apprentices to join MyFirmsApp is 19-year-old Ben Hardy, who saw the Company’s apprenticeship offering as a route into an exciting career in software development.

Due to complete his apprenticeship this month and already managing a team of six, Ben says: “I chose to do an apprenticeship because I was put off by the cost of university and didn’t think it was worth the outcome. A degree these days is fast becoming meaningless and a lot more companies are now looking for work experience above all else.

“Apprenticeships help to get young people into work and give them the experience of a job as well as teaching them specific skills. Schools or universities don’t really offer that anymore and, living in a society where everyone is looking for experience. It’s the perfect way to get into a job.”

Fellow MyFirmsApp apprentice Luke Jenkinson is already well on the way to a successful career in the technology sector despite being just 16.

He says: “Apprenticeships provide a great experience in a working environment before taking an
actual job. Some people may prefer to just get right into work rather than go to college, so this is
halfway between the two. There is a really nice environment at the company and I’m doing
something I actually want to do.”

Digital Marketing Apprentice Joe Crees, 21, is similarly positive about choosing the apprenticeship route over other options such as higher education.

“MyFirmsApp is a fast growing company with huge potential for the future,” he says. “I don’t know exactly what the future holds but it certainly looks very bright career-wise.”

MyFirmsApp recently received a £130,000 grant from the Let’s Grow Campaign as it targets a five-fold increase in end-users to one million by 2019. It is now recruiting for new members of staff, while also looking to fill apprenticeship positions.

For more information on the firm – which is endorsed by a number of industry bodies and networks, including, ICAEW, ICPA and 2020 – visit www.myfirmsapp.com. For job opportunities email jobs@myfirmsapp.com.

Twitter: @MyFirmsApp

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