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Are you a terrific Tweeter?

BRUSSELS - MARCH 03: Twitter hit by hackers. About 40 companiesThe networking site currently has around 500 million registered users and continues to capture the imagination of its audience worldwide, who are restricted to 140 characters.

The platform is increasingly being used as a targeted marketing tool, not its intended use, but none-the-less an opportunity which has been seized.

Are you currently using twitter? It’s a fantastic way of building your global contacts and online presence – if not here’s why you should be.


While Facebook continues to be the most well-known social networking website more people are switching to Twitter. Facebook accounts are being left inactive, while Twitter is seeing around one million new accounts each day!

This means your business could have exposure to a wide range of engaged users around the globe! The possibilities are endless and you are not likely to get free access to this great range of contacts anywhere else.


While some may view Twitter’s restriction to 140 characters as a hindrance, it can provide the perfect mix for marketing purposes. A lot of businesses are using the platform as an opportunity to post short, witty and eye catching material. The whole point of marketing is to keep it short and sweet and catch the attention of your audience.

Twitter provides you with the means to be able to broadcast compelling teasers which can draw in potential customers, hook, line and sinker.


Twitter is giving digital marketing a whole new meaning and taking it to a different level. With the touch of a button you can have access to your desired target audience. In addition, other businesses and users can be your best asset and give you a larger presence on the website.

Be social and others will return the favour. Make sure you build as many followers as possible; this will lead to more retweets, favourites and interactions. Interact with as many people as possible and signal your intentions that you are a serious Tweeter. A half-hearted approach will not engage anyone.

Make sure you are innovative in your approach, do things differently, stand out and reap the rewards Twitter has to offer.

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