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Are you a Yaker?

If you haven’t heard of Yik Yak don’t worry just yet, but make sure you keep your eyes and ears open for the latest social media app causing a storm around the world.

Yik Yak is an anonymous social media app which allows people to create and view “Yaks” within a 10 mile radius.

Proving popular with younger social media users, particularly students, Yik Yak is intended for sharing primarily with those in proximity to the user, potentially making it more intimate and relevant for people reading the posts.

All users have the ability to contribute to the stream by writing, responding, and “voting up” or “voting down” – which is the app’s version of liking or disliking – yaks.

Effectively working like an anonymous bulletin board, Yik Yak works by combining the technologies of GPS and instant messaging, allowing users to anonymously microblog to other nearby users.

Before loading messages, the Yik Yak app determines the user’s location and groups them into pockets of 1.5 mile radius zones.

Within these zones, anyone inside the radius can post and read other people’s “yaks”.

The app already has several features including:

 Yakarma – which is a numerical score aimed to measure the active success of a user. The number increases and decreases based on the response of other users in a user’s area to their yaks.

 Upvote/Downvote These are essentially user ratings on a yak. If a post becomes popular it will receive more upvotes than downvotes and display a positive number next to it and vice versa.

 Peek -This feature allows users to anonymously view other Yik Yak community feeds.

 Base Camp – This option allows the user to set a single area, for example their home, college or workplace, as a “base camp.” The user is then able to read posts from the designated area and post to it.

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