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Are you doing the LinkedIn basics?

Linkedin login page on Apple iPad screenPeople regularly ask us how they can make the most of LinkedIn, after a quick review of their page; it becomes clear that they aren’t even doing the basics. Because of this, we’ve put together a list of basics that all LinkedIn members should complete if they’re serious about even considering maximising its potential.


Profile picture

Upload a profile picture – anything is better than nothing! (when we say anything we don’t mean a photo of you downing a beer – this never looks good)

As soon as we visit pages without profile pictures we automatically assume the person is either A) Out of business or B) Dead (Just kidding – kind of!)



We understand it takes time to build connections, but after one month and still just three connections, something is wrong! (Our apologies if you genuinely only know three people, but that usually isn’t the case in business)
Always try and increase your connections – the more connections the more credible you appear.
Here at Harvey & Hugo, we have a rule, as soon as you’ve met someone you get along with, connect with them on LinkedIn. If anything it’s just social media etiquette!


Job status

LinkedIn is a social media platform based around people’s professional lives – therefore it’s so important you complete the job section of your profile.
People want to know what you do and where you work – so let them know.
If your LinkedIn profile is half-hearted, people will presume you’re half-hearted too! (Extreme but true!)


Like, share and comment

Take at least 5 minutes a day to Like, share and comment on interesting posts. We’re not asking you to run a marathon, we’re asking you to show a little 5 minute love to your connections.

It’s never a bad thing to remind people of your business and services either!
If your excuse is ‘I always forget’ – we know how to solve that… Change your computer settings so LinkedIn pops up every time you turn your computer on!



There must be something remotely interesting about you – so let people know!

All you need to do is write a couple of lines on what you do, where you do it and the amazing things you’ve achieved along the way (don’t be shy!)
So, if you follow the above, you’ll master the basics in no time. But remember, that’s just the basics. If you want to more than survive on LinkedIn and utilise its full business potential, call us on 01325 486666.We provide social media training and management services.

We look forward to seeing you on LinkedIn!
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