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Ask, share, post: How to keep your company’s Facebook page fresh

There’s no denying that Facebook is a fantastic platform on which you can spread the word about your company, interact with your target market and even generate new business. But in order to attract followers to your company’s page and keep them there, you must ensure that your page is kept up-to-date, fresh and engaging. Here are three simple tips to help you achieve this.

1.     Ask questions

Nobody likes being told what to do – especially on social media, where they go to be … social. Constant streams of self-promotional updates and demands, such as “Come and try our latest product / service”, “Check out our new website now” and “Read our latest blog right here” are therefore more likely to encourage readers to do the exact opposite.

In order to avoid this, we would instead suggest:

In this way, you will encourage more responses from your followers, which will lead to more interaction and socialising with your company. All of this will then help to keep your Facebook page fresh, while also allowing you to undertake some subtle and effective market research activity at the same time.

2.     Share

The great thing about Facebook is that it allows you to share pretty much anything. As well as your own status updates, you can also share:

The more interesting material you share on your company’s page, the more fresh it stays. Again, you don’t want to bombard your followers with repetitive status updates – you want to ensure that you gain their attention and allow them to engage and socialise with your company.

3.     Post

One thing we’d like to emphasise is: Just keep posting. Keeping your company’s Facebook page fresh means keeping it updated and full of interesting content. So, keep posting questions as well as links to your latest blogs and encourage responses from your followers; post relevant news; post amusing photographs from office parties; and post links to interesting or humorous articles that will get your followers talking.

One company’s Facebook page which is regularly updated – even just three to four times a week – will be much more attractive to targeted users than a competitor’s page that hasn’t been updated for three or four months – and a page that is full of fresh and engaging content will be more effective than one with a constant stream of repetitive, self-promotional status updates.

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