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How to avoid content fatigue

The digital world is growing and fast. With research showing that there is an average of 2.4 million Google searches per minute, it’s never been more important to ensure that your content stands out from the crowd.

Content fatigue refers to the relationship between information online and the amount of time we have to consume it.

The problem we face is that the information being shared is increasing, but the time we have to digest it isn’t.

In the marketing world, it’s important to identify why content fatigue occurs and put yourself in the position of both the content creator and consumer – what would you want to read?

So, we’ve compiled some hints and tips to keep your consumer attention and avoid those exasperated sighs.

Make new points

This isn’t just a case of ‘being better’. Whatever your industry, your key messages will always be the same but there are ways to synthesise the information differently to make it more exciting and creative.

Tip: If appropriate, try linking your existing services to relevant quotes or facts to make your content more creative.

Quality over quantity

It’s all well and good publishing all day every day, but is the content high quality? Remember – the content, however long or short, is a representation of your brand’s identity, so it needs to be meaningful.

Tip: Try to spread posts across various platforms and leave time between them to keep your audience engaged and avoid information overload.

Find your niche

Do you offer something no one else can? If you do – focus on it. People search online for information on a range of topics in varied industries, so don’t forget to showcase your expertise.

Tip: Case studies are excellent if you offer unique skills; remind your consumers that they don’t just have to take your word for it, you have feedback to evidence it!

Know your goal

It sounds obvious, but do you have a call to action? What do you want people to do after they’ve read your content? Whether you want them to make a purchase, visit your website or simply just share it with others, consider whether what is included is likely to achieve that goal.

Tip: Brainstorm. Whatever type of content you’re creating, have a plan of what you want it to achieve and make sure everything included is relevant to reaching that goal.

Are you worried your content isn’t as high quality as you thought? Or just don’t have the time to commit? We can help! Throw us a bone on 01325 486666.


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