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Be found on the web

Making sure you can be found on the web is key for businesses.

As a Teesside marketing agency, we know it’s hard to know where to start – the web is a big place! There’s no need to go undercover as a spy-der, here are a few hints and tips to help you be found on the web.



When writing your website content, don’t forget SEO! As they say, the best place to hide a body is the second page of Google, so identifying key words and phrases that rank highly in the search engine means your content has more chance of coming out top.

Think about not only what you want to be found for, but what people might search for – they might not be the same thing, especially when specialist terms are involved.

For example, you might want to rank for ‘assisted living Newcastle’, but people who don’t know what assisted living is might be searching ‘care home Newcastle’.


Social media

Don’t just rely on your website to be found! More and more people turn straight to social media to find out more about a company than searching Google.

Your social platforms can say a lot about your business, from dedication to posting and consistency in messaging, to tone of voice and personality.

Not every social media channel will be right for every business, but picking the right ones and doing them well means followers will engage with your content, and in turn promote you to wider corners of the web.


Build links

Being found on the web is all about using the whole market to your advantage (it is world wide after all).

By including links in press releases, articles, guest blogs or content that appears on other websites such as news or trade publications, readers can quickly and easily find you without leaving what they were doing or getting distracted.


Keep content fresh

Being on the web is all well and good, but the same blog or case study isn’t going to keep helping people find you when it’s outdated.

By keeping your content fresh, not only can you keep building in new key words and phrases, but it will show Google that you’re active and knowledgeable – all important factors to help you be found when people search.


If you want help being found on the web, we won’t spin you a yarn, just offer sound advice, get in touch today at info@harveyandhugo.com or 01325 486666.


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