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Benefits of sharing client information online

A client case study or testimonial is a powerful PR and marketing tool to help validate your services, however often clients are worried that this will provide a fertile ground for your competitors to poach.

At Harvey & Hugo we have always endorsed sharing client testimonials (and we practice what we preach) as the benefits can far offset the risks.

Here are the benefits:

When people are looking to work with you they want to see evidence that you can deliver. Client case studies provide a perfect example of this. You may think that you could keep this information offline and use it when going into pitches for new work, however potential clients will be looking at your website all the time and if there’s not evidence of your services, it can be a stumbling block in even getting called in for a pitch.

By sharing client case studies, you are demonstrating that you’re proud to be working with them. This encourages good will and builds relationships with clients and they are more likely to want to do more work with you.

You are also showcasing your clients and their services which could lead to them winning more work from your website.

The fact that you promote your clients online can help you win more work against competitors that don’t, as potential clients will see the benefits of you promoting them. This will be even more powerful as you build up your social media following, as you’ll be able to promote your clients to a bigger audience.

By putting a name to the case study, it shows that it is an authentic endorsement which enhances your credibility.

By showcasing the large brands that you work with this strengthens the case study, making for a more compelling read. A strong quote in a press release also increases the chances of the story being used in publications.

Sharing client case studies full of key words online will help boost your ranking in Google, helping more new businesses find you. Google will note that the content is more valid if you are referring to other top sites or big names.

If client poaching is a real fear for you, here are some tips:


We believe the benefits of sharing client case studies far outweigh the negatives. Even if you don’t showcase your clients online, we believe that if a competitor is aggressively trying to poach, they will still find a sneaky way regardless. Equally we believe that if a client is only concerned with getting the lowest price, they will leave eventually too, regardless of whether their information is shared online. The majority of business is based on relationships, therefore, you’re best off taking advantage of all of the benefits associated with openly promoting your clients.

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