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Biggest changes to social media platforms in 2019

In the year which saw the bottle cap challenge, an egg becoming the most popular Instagram post, and, of course, the WAGatha Christie drama, social media has seen some big transformations.

To keep you up to date with the constantly evolving platforms, we have listed some of the biggest changes in 2019…

Twitter redesign

On desktop, Twitter now allows users to change font sizes, colour scheme and background. It’s a godsend for those spending long hours monitoring account activity. The sidebar to the left mirrors the mobile app, so those on the go should find it less disorienting when switching between desktop and mobile.

IGTV landscape support

While IGTV initially only offered vertical video support, horizontal shots are now permissible. This is a blessing for brands that want a polished look and feel for their IGTV channel without ditching wide shots for the vertical format.

Instagram Explore tab expansion

The boosted discovery feature now filters content by interests and includes a ‘shop’ shortcut, which allows users to more easily find and purchase goods and services.

Facebook Ad Manager update

Facebook released a redesign to its Ad Manager that streamlines the interface. Highlights include a combined search and filter bar, more accessible general editing options and the ability to work within multiple tabs.

Hidden Instagram likes

Instagram has been testing hiding likes on feed posts for users in seven countries such as Australia and Brazil. While it’s unclear whether the rollout will be universal anytime soon, it has been met with enthusiasm by users who have come to rely on the system for validation. Brands will still be able to view those metrics; they simply won’t be made public to followers.

Facebook’s ad format change

Only three lines of Facebook ads’ primary text is displayed on the mobile feed before a ‘see more’ option. This means that you need to ensure you grab attention immediately so users will want to read on.

The Pack are social media specialists and can look after your accounts for you or provide expert training to your team so that they’re always at the top of their game.

If you don’t have time to scroll through the continually evolving platforms, throw us a bone on 01325 486666.


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