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It’s here! Instagram has launched IGTV

Love video content? If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that Instagram has now launched a new, separate app called IGTV, which allows for videos to be uploaded which are an hour long. With younger audiences spending longer watching amateur videos, the innovative platform has invested in an app which allows for longer-form video content. […]

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Not just as pretty as a picture

In 2010, two gents had the idea to create a social media platform that was simply pictures. Simple right? Right. It’s that simplicity that sent Instagram into the upper echelons of social media platform royalty and has made it the fastest-growing channel in the world with over 800 million users. We’re all for keeping it […]

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Instagram – the next YouTube?

There are whispers on the street that Instagram might be making some changes where video is concerned. At present there are three ways to share video on Instagram; stories which are limited to 15 seconds, posts which are limited to one minute and by going live which can be much longer. Facebook allows for longer […]

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Five top tips for LinkedIn success

At just over 15 years old, LinkedIn is one of the older social media platforms, yet it still leaves many scratching their heads as they consider how best to use it to their advantage. We’ve all seen the screenshots with irate women blasting men who have tried to ‘chat them up’, or the snarky ‘This […]

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Sense and sensibility

Social media. It’s a bit informal, yeah? Nobody’s going to be checking your spelling or getting all pedantic with your grammar, are they? Well, actually, they might. Just because you’re not writing a novel or a newspaper story doesn’t mean you can let all language convention fly out the window. Remember, it’s your brand you’re […]

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