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Sharing the 2019 plans for our PR and marketing training academy, Hugoversity

At our PR and marketing training school, Hugoversity, we’re passionate about sharing knowledge to help people within businesses become their own brand curators. As well as offering strategy development, bespoke PR and marketing training and specialised communications recruitment, we also offer a monthly seminar programme. We recently ran a survey to help us shape our […]

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Our bespoke PR and marketing training school, Hugoversity's Survey Results 2018

Generating engagement on LinkedIn just got easier

As a social media agency, The Pack is always on the lookout for networking platform updates so when we heard LinkedIn had announced a revamp to its company pages, we had to find out more. The professional networking platform is adding a variety of new tools to help make it easier to generate engagement and […]

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The John Lewis Christmas ad has got us feeling festive

The annual Christmas PR campaigns have hit our screens, and that can only mean one thing – the countdown to the festive season has officially begun. Whatever your thoughts on the annual heart-warming tale/mawkish hogwash (delete as applicable), there can be no denying that the Christmas ad has become a staple of the marketing calendar […]

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How to be a grammar top dog

As a PR, social media and content marketing company, at Harvey & Hugo we’re pretty hot on our grammar. We even have a member of The Pack known as ‘Captain Grammar’. When you’re writing, correct grammar can be the key differentiator between sounding professional and, well, not. No one is perfect and proof reading will […]

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The 10 commandments of content marketing

We have journeyed through the wilderness of websites and here, unto this North East PR agency, are the Ten Commandments of content marketing.   Honour thy readers Keep your target market in mind! Do they know the fundamentals and need more detail? Or are you talking about something that needs simplifying? Always think about what […]

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10 Commandments of content marketing
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