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Hugoversity: Social media advertising 101

At March’s Hugoversity seminar, prefects Natalie and Beth welcomed business people from across the North East, who were keen to learn about social media advertising. Covering what social media advertising is, the benefits and the steps we would recommend in order to run an effective advert, the seminar proved popular with pupils. For those of […]

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Social media

This festival was definitely on Fyre…

In 2017 Billy McFarland, head of Fyre Media, alongside rapper, Ja Rule, had a genius idea: a festival on a private island in the Bahamas. The Fyre Festival was billed as being bigger than Coachella; a music festival hosted in a tropical paradise that would be packed with some of the most influential, famous and […]

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Fyre Festival

How can you implement nudge marketing?

In March, we took a look at nudge marketing; what it is, why it works and the different elements of it. But how can you implement this into your marketing campaign? It’s actually pretty simple – another handy mnemonic: EAST.   Easy Is your content easy to find? Remove friction to give customers the best […]

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Nano-Influencers – what are they and how can they help your business?

A couple of years ago, only super famous celebrities such as Beyonce and Kylie Jenner were trusted by brands to advertise their products. Then it was the turn of the more #relatable folk such as internet sensation Zoella and her popular vlogging boyfriend Alfie Deyes, who have built up an online audience of over 10 […]

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Fuelling your marketing

To get anywhere in life, we need motivation – something that fuels us. It can be wanting an easier life, feeding your children or simply wanting to impress someone, even if it’s ourselves. Some of these fuels can burn brightly and get us places quickly, but run out fast, or they can be long-lasting, efficient […]

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Fuelling your marketing
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