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Has your brand got the click factor?

The news will always be about the news. Current affairs, politics and worldwide happenings. But in today’s increasingly online world – and whatever your thoughts are on the matter – news is also now about the click factor.

Online audiences set the day’s agenda as it is their website clicks that now drive the news they see. Whatever proves popular demonstrates a trend and the opportunity to give readers more of the same.

But clocking up the clicks is not just about news outlets making sure their content is relevant and of interest to readers. In an economic sense it can also mean that a publication’s website is more attractive to advertisers as it is reaching a wider audience.

What does this mean in the world of PR? And how can your business use this to its advantage?

There are a few tricks you can use to help inspire a pitch-worthy PR opportunity or tap into a trend that might help you grow your online audience – and we at Harvey & Hugo could then help take that story to the next level by pitching it to journalists too.

What are other businesses doing that people want to read about? Chicken nugget bouquets and booze-filled bangles are just two things that have recently piqued that online interest. Just by being more aware of such trends could help inspire a PR-friendly idea that your audience AND journalists will snap up.

So to help you follow what news stories and online themes are proving the most clickable, here are three easy ways to help you make sure your ideas have the click-factor.


Top of the pops

Most major online news sites now have ‘most read’ sections where you can see what stories have been clicked on the most for any given day, often in a one to 10 format. Keep abreast of what’s trending to give you a bit of inspiration.

Sharing is caring
Buzzsumo is a fantastic resource where you can see the most shared content on news websites. It also shows stats such as Facebook engagement, LinkedIn shares and total shares across social media sites.

Search it

It’s an oldie but a goodie. Google Trends boasts an absolute wealth of information about where those clicks are landing in different parts of the world – from Taylor Swift through to Brexit and everything in-between.

Need a few more tricks to help develop your brand’s newsworthiness? Throw us a bone on 01325 486666 or info@harveyandhugo.com to find out what we can do.


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