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Should your business be active on every social network?

As a London communications agency, we know effective use of social media is essential for any business looking to reach clients, build a unique brand and form long-lasting relationships with its target audience.

Yet we have to remember that faithful old idiom, quality over quantity, when conceptualising a social media strategy for your business.

So, how do you choose which social networks to use? Here’s our advice on what to consider before creating an account.

Know your target audience

As you would expect, every generation has different social media habits and preferences – but have you considered getting to know your target audiences’ before jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon?

Recent research by Sprout Social has found Facebook to be the preferred platform for Baby Boomers and Generation X, whilst Snapchat and Instagram are the most popular with millennials.

So if your business specialises in family law services, make sure you’re using Facebook to post your news, but if your green smoothies are the best in the city, make sure your firm has an impressive Instagram profile.

Understand your brand

Understanding your own brand is just as important as knowing your target audience, something often overlooked when signing up to social media platforms.
Does your brand involve being the most respected stock traders in the region? Or can you keep your social content casual with cat gifs and pun fuelled hashtags?

While the majority of social media platforms can be used both professionally and colloquially, some, such as Snapchat, can be challenging to maintain a serious tone.

Manage your time

If you’re targeting the millennial generation and your brand wants to be the funniest juice bar on social media, does this mean your business should be on every platform? Definitely not.

Using our expertise as a London communications agency, we’d suggest maintaining no more than three social media platforms, as this allows you the time to build a stronger relationship with your target audience and manage high-quality content throughout.

For more information on how we can help develop your social media strategy, tweet us at @harveyandhugo or give us a call at 01325 486 666.

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