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Cleveland Bridge

Cleveland Bridge is a world-leading manufacturer of bridges, structures and buildings around the globe. With a history spanning nearly 150 years, the firm, which has its headquarters in Darlington, has worked on such icons as the Sydney Harbour and Tyne bridges, as well as structures including Dubai’s Emirates Towers and the Shard, the tallest building in the UK.


To raise the profile of Cleveland Bridge around the world, increasing followers and engagement across the firm’s social media platforms.

Target market

Architects, specifiers and sub-contractors, as well as competitors’ followers.


The Pack were given the job of raising Cleveland Bridge’s social media profile, with seven Tweets a day as well as daily posts on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Managing the social media accounts for the brand, we are able to maintain consistent messaging using a variety of content including:

We boosted Cleveland Bridge’s followers on Twitter and Instagram through following 30 accounts each week from their account.

We also made use of LinkedIn and Twitter advertising, to target messages more specifically.


Since we took over the accounts in 2016, followers have increased dramatically across all platforms: Twitter followers rose from 140 in March 2016 to 1,810 in December 2018; Instagram from 33 in April 2016 to 664 in December 2018; and LinkedIn from 2,256 to 8,099.

Cleveland Bridge social media statistics 2016-2018



“Over the years we have worked with The Pack, we have seen significant increases in our social media presence across our audiences with reach, engagement and followers rising at a fast and consistent pace. Working closely with the team at Harvey & Hugo means we can share our news in a variety of ways, with them becoming an extension of our in-house team.”

Fin Farrelly, Marketing Manager, Cleveland Bridge UK