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Exclusive Business Lunch Club

The Exclusive Business Lunch Club has run a successful year of events for business people in Newcastle and wanted to expand south of the region into the Tees Valley. The events are aimed at providing an opportunity to build lasting relationships enabling better business practices.



To use our connections as a Tees Valley PR agency to raise the profile of the events in the area, making them the must-attend networking occasions each month.


Target Market

Senior business people from all sectors in the Tees Valley and beyond.



The Pack were tasked with promoting the events via social media to build the profile of the brand, our involvement and ultimately encourage attendance.


As a PR agency working in a variety of sectors, including construction, food and drink, education and law, we are well-placed to attract the right demographic and audience to attend.


Managing the Twitter account for the brand, we are able to maintain consistent messaging using a variety of content including:

We also regularly engage with a variety of businesses and their teams, meaning the events are regularly in their consciousness.


Using our own contacts and social media platforms, we were able to spread the message to our follower base of over 15,000 people.



Twitter followers have increased by around 100 in the three months since beginning work with the brand, but the largest success was the tickets sold to the first Tees Valley event held in October 2018.


With a target of 30, this was exceeded to see an almost full-to-capacity space packed with business people looking to make valuable connections in the area.