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Graydin is a London-based coaching company which is being hailed for revitalising teaching across the UK.

Through its innovative coaching style, Graydin and its services bring a positive approach to improving leadership, communication and well-being in schools.

Co-founders Quinn Simpson and McKenzie Cerri contacted Harvey & Hugo after hearing about the company’s previous work with schools across the country.



To raise the profile of Graydin and its work throughout the UK’s education.

For Graydin to use coverage generated from the campaign to gain a working visa, which will help the company expand its work into the USA.



We secured fantastic media coverage in target publications, including:

Education Magazine

Prep School

Independent Schools Magazine

Northampton Herald & Post

The Rugby Advertiser

Tutorial Finder


The coverage included:



Graydin was featured in both print and online editions of The Independent Schools Magazine and Prep School. Both publications have readership numbers of 10,000 with 3,500 people visiting their websites each month.

As a result of the coverage Graydin received across a variety of publications, the company’s application for a working visa in the USA was successful.



“Thanks again for all your hard work and quick turn around :)”

Quinn Simpson
Coach, trainer and consultant for Educators