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Mobile Mini

Mobile Mini UK Ltd is the UK division of Mobile Mini Inc, the world’s leading provider of portable storage solutions. Mobile Mini was founded in the US in 1983 and now has locations in the US, Canada and UK.

In the UK, the firm’s industry-leading fleet of 60 trucks and 40,000 portable units serve approximately 17,300 customers across a variety of sectors including construction, manufacturers, utility firms, government and the leisure industry. Its 15 branches are based throughout the UK with the head office in Stockton.



The Pack was tasked with developing and implementing a full PR and social media plan to continually promote Mobile Mini, its services and products, increase the number of units on hire and create general awareness so when people think container, they think Mobile Mini.


Target Market



Press releases

To shout about the firm’s great news, a press release was issued each month. And there is no shortage of good news!

In the year to August 2018, the firm has:

Each press release was distributed to media in the area relevant to the branch and story, the North East media to showcase the great work of the firm, and trade publications.



Monthly blogs are created to give Mobile Mini a voice on industry issues as well as showing the work that can be done with a container.

Topics include:

Infographics were created to share the information from each blog in a more visual way.

Mobile Mini 'A Place for Everything' infographic


Social media

Supporting the PR activity with social media has been vitally important to spread the news and views of the firm even further.

Social media advertising was used to target specific audiences for blogs such as retailers and operations managers.

The Pack manages Mobile Mini’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages to share blogs, news articles and, the most important part of all, #MMSpotted.



With an aim to become for containers what Eddie Stobart is for haulage, we built on a campaign already in progress.

In its simplest form, the campaign involves people sharing photos of Mobile Mini containers with the hashtag.

This was encouraged through:

Becoming an addictive hobby, word spread across social media with more photos than ever being shared across all platforms.

While it could be seen as ‘just a bit of fun’ the campaign has enabled the public to be more aware of the containers in use at building sites, hotels and other locations near to them. What is quite an everyday item becomes something many now associate with a competition and friendly brand, as well as putting it in the forefront of their minds.

Mobile Mini #MMSpotted Cover Photo


Creative content

While utilising all of Harvey & Hugo’s core services, Mobile Mini has also worked with our creative design team to support other activity including…


…an internal team safety campaign…


Mobile Mini 'See it. Report it. Sort it.' campaign postcard


… and demonstrating the sizes of containers.


Mobile Mini 8ft x 40ft storage container size



The results from all elements of the campaign have been fantastic to see across all platforms.

In 2018 to August alone…

#MMSpotted really took off with mentions increasing from 23 in January 2018 to 250 in July, and combined reach totalling 307,588 people.