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MummyJobs.co.uk is the brainchild of founder Cheney Hamilton. After finding that her employer at the time was less than accommodating with maternity leave and flexibility following the birth of her second child, Cheney realised that something needed to be done to better serve women in this situation.

From then, the site was born to get women back into business and Harvey & Hugo was brought in to get the journey started.


Our task was to develop a strategy for the brand for its first 12 months, and to make recommendations across all PR, social media and content marketing platforms to kick start the business.

Target Market

MummyJobs.co.uk started life very much as what it said on the tin; a job site for mums looking to get back into the world of work. It was mainly targeted at women in middle management positions and above who may find it difficult to return to their previous role, or those looking for somewhere with more flexibility than was previously being offered.

As the company developed, its client base grew and the firms coming on board to recruit expanded, so did the target market.


Developing the initial strategy for MummyJobs.co.uk began with an informal session to get to know Cheney, the business, its goals and what we could do to support it.

When developing a strategy, it’s so important to ask deep questions to really get to the bottom of a business, its vision and mission. Particularly, ‘Why do you do what you do?’. For Cheney, this was easy – she’d been there herself and had a passion to help other women who had, were or were about to go through a similar time.

The strategy we developed covered everything from magazine opportunities and PR, social media content and advertising to content marketing.

As a new business, budget was important so not everything we suggested was possible – but it gave an insight into opportunities that could be followed up in the future.

We decided upon a simple brand awareness campaign for the first 12 months, which included:

By providing website content, which we ensured covered the professional and personal side of being a working parent, this ensured the site set itself apart from similar parent-based or job-seeking platforms as it showed an understanding of what was topical and important.

The blogs were developed to feature ‘guest bloggers’ including women in very high-profile positions.

As any new business owner knows, the first 12 months are the hardest so it was important for us to ensure MummyJobs.co.uk developed a personality quickly, which was done through daily social media content and varied blogs. Parents know that life isn’t always rosy when juggling work and home life, so this isn’t something we shied away from. Doing this helped to develop a more approachable and relatable brand in itself.

Additional work

Getting to know the brand inside out meant that we were able to work with Cheney on a variety of ad-hoc items including:

Having the knowledge and understanding of not only what the business does, but why it does it, meant that the ethos of the business could shine through.


Within its first year, MummyJobs.co.uk had grown bigger and faster than had ever been conceived.

Despite starting completely from scratch, social media followers grew exponentially to a total of 23,024 across three platforms.

Facebook: from 520 to 5,234 – up 906%

Twitter: from 11 to 504 – up 4,481%

Cheney’s LinkedIn: from 1,667 to 17,286 – up 936%

As follower numbers rose, so did the level of engagement. On Facebook, the account almost doubled from 2,485 engagements in June 2017 to 5,877 in March 2018. It was a similar story of Twitter, with engagement almost tripling from 35 in May 2017 when the account was launched, to 97 in April 2018.

With more and more people engaging with the content, the reach also increased. In March 2018, posts on Facebook reached over 357,000 people.

It was clear to see Cheney had sparked something in the nation’s parents.

The business owner had caught the attention of various groups campaigning for flexibility in the workplace for working parents, with Cheney being invited to speak at – and going on to ultimately host – conferences and events with firms from across the world.

Cheney herself became a LinkedIn star in her own right with posts regularly reaching engagement over 100,000.

At the end of the campaign’s first year, the company chose to take the marketing and PR function in-house to accommodate what was now three businesses – MummyJobs.co.uk, DaddyJobs.co.uk and FlexIsBest.com.

With employers such as Deloitte, Amazon and even MI5 regularly coming to MummyJobs.co.uk to post positions, knowing the calibre of applicant is of the highest quality, we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of kickstarting this firm’s journey.


“You were amazing with all of your support and expertise” Cheney Hamilton, MummyJobs.co.uk