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Celebrations at Darlington based Polam Hall’s Sunshine Party

Sixth form students from Polam Hall School invited over 40 elderly guests to their annual Sunshine Party.


The party has been held every year for the last 68 years at the school with pensioners from the Darlington Town Mission enjoying entertainment, dancing and conversations with Polam Hall’s senior students.

Head girl, Chelsea Morrison hosted the event and welcomed the guests to the party, which was themed to celebrate the end of World War I and II.

Every guest was presented with their own handmade ration boxes, including sugar, salt, pepper, teabags, candles and a commemorative book mark prepared by the students.

Polam Hall’s head of sixth form, Sue Dobson said: “The sixth form students have enjoyed the organisation of the party and enjoy meeting their guests every year; it is a great way to build stronger relationships between the generations.”

“The Darlington Mission is a wonderful local organisation that works to alleviate loneliness and gives practical advice and assistance to Darlington’s older population.”

The afternoon was organised by the school’s sixth formers, who were on hand to pour tea and chat to the guests after cooking up a storm in the kitchen to produce savoury scones, sandwiches and cakes. They also tried their hand at flower arranging to make the event as festive as possible.

One of the guests, Doris Green, was visiting for her third year running and was thrilled with the school’s war time memory theme, especially as the D-Day year was the year she got married at the age of 18.

She commented:  “It is wonderful to be invited to Polam Hall School for the Sunshine Party, they have made us feel so welcome, we have all had such a wonderful time, and it takes me back to D-Day!”

Town Mission organiser, Sue Case said: “Our members really look forward to this event every year, and are always impressed with the entertainment and the opportunity to enjoy a delicious afternoon tea with the students.

The association with Polam Hall has been running for 68 years and we hope it will continue with the school for many years to come.”

Polam Hall School also organises a Jack Frost party in the winter term and provides entertainment and carol singing to guests from the Darlington area.

For more information about other community events Polam Hall is involved with, please go to www.polamhallschool.com.

The school also has an open day on Friday 4th July for the whole school. Headmaster’s welcome and school tours will be from 10.00am and 2.00pm. For information on class places available, please call 01325 463383 and speak to admissions officer, Jane Craggs.

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