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Charity begins at Darlington’s Polam Hall School

Polam Hall School in Darlington is celebrating the end of a great year of fundraising and their efforts were recently rewarded by a local charity.

The school’s Interact group received the Young Supporters Award from St. Teresa’s Hospice in recognition of their fundraising, promotion and support of the Hospice.

In addition, Polam Hall teacher Patricia Pemberton received an Excellent Supporter Award for her work on behalf of the Hospice.

In the past year, Polam Hall has taken part in a variety of challenges and events to raise money for the Hospice, including the Midnight Walk where they raised over £1300.

Jane Bradshaw, St Teresa’s Hospice Chief Executive said; “Over the last few years, the pupils and staff of Polam Hall School have shown just how much they care about a vital local cause like St Teresa’s Hospice. Their support has been magnificent, and we’re delighted that they have chosen to continue their involvement with the Hospice.”

The charity fund raising doesn’t just stop there. Over £6000 has been raised by the school for both national and regional charities in 2013.

The school proudly presented The Teenage Cancer Trust and Zoe’s Place (Middlesbrough baby Hospice) with £3000 on 3rd December, raised by a 140mile coast to coast bike ride. 17 students and staff took part in the challenge from Whitehaven to Tynemouth. The group braved torrential rain, extreme cold and climbs of 14,000 ft in the three day challenge.

The school also raised £600 for Great Ormond Street Hospital during the Junior School production and the school choir raised £99.87 for Darlington Hospice when they sang in Queen Street on the 25th November.

Within the school, the thriving junior Rotary Club called Interact organises these charity events. The Presidents have recently changed and new joint presidents Lizzy Woods and Livia Karoui said: ‘Interact is a great platform for everybody at Polam to get involved with the wider community. This year, we have chosen to support a charity called Room To Read which helps to encourage children across Asia and Africa to read and to fund libraries and reading materials. We both felt that we wanted to support this charity specifically because it targets an age range which is identical to ours at Polam.’

The fundraising efforts have not only provided charities with much needed funds, but enables the children of all ages a way of engaging with the local community and allowing everyone to be involved in the organisation of these events.

John Moreland, Polam Hall’s Headmaster said:

‘I’m really proud of all the work and donations we are able to give to charity at Polam Hall. Our Quaker roots mean it is really important to the school to engage with our community and engage in a host of community projects. It also means our students are aware of thinking of others less fortunate than themselves, and as many of the fundraising events require planning, hard work and dedication the students learn a lot from participation.’

As Polam Hall continues to work towards its free school status, the charitable work will go on in the local community with the school working with a number of other regional charities including Darlington Cares, a community based charity working for families in Darlington.

For more information on the changing status of Polam hall, please go to www.polamhall.com/free-school.

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