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Content marketing simplified

When we hear the term content marketing, a lot of us have an idea about what it involves but the depths of content marketing can sometimes seem daunting and over-complicated.

The truth is, successful content marketing is challenging and three in five marketers say they are not effective at it.

A lot of the time the jargon surrounding content marketing can leave people feeling baffled and confused when really, what it boils down to is simple.

Content marketing by definition, is basically the marketing technique of creating and distributing effective content, with the objective of producing profitable customer action. The subject matter is crucial and it must be specific and valuable to your audience. Creating content for the sake of it won’t work, as effective content needs to have a purpose.

Content marketing doesn’t come only in the form of paragraphs of text. Video, infographics, webpages, podcasts, books and other content which provides your audience with highly sought information, is content marketing. Using all of these platforms keeps it interesting and more importantly, achieves results.

The content you create must be engaging to your audience and prompt them to take action. Well planned content marketing campaigns which utilise the variety of different types of content, are always the most successful.

Now that you have had time to digest this information, let us know if it helps you to understand more clearly what content marketing is all about. Tweet us @harveyandhugo

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