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Could your business use Snapcodes to build its brand?

Snapchat may only be five years old, but as it boasts over 100 million daily active users and 6 billion daily video views, it’s getting increasingly harder for businesses to ignore the increasingly popular social media network.

This booming platform has discovered how to retain, engage and keep audiences coming back for more content every day, thanks to the fact that any posted content disappears within 24 hours, but one of the biggest challenges, lies in getting people to follow you.

In order to make Snapchat more accessible to businesses, its developers have created Snapcodes. This clever tool allows Snapchatters to use their Snapchat cameras to examine your code which, once scanned, will enable them to follow your account. Simples!

Once you have a Snapchat account and Snapcode, follow these simple steps to help you gain more followers:

So in answer to the question, ‘Could your business use Snapcodes to build its brand?’ our answer would be yes, of course it can!

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