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Creating a connection between your social media and emails

As social media continues to grow, companies are starting to reconsider where they should be spending their money, and whether they should put all their efforts purely into social rather than emails.

At Harvey & Hugo, we believe things work better in harmony, so here are some top tips in order to make them work in unison.


Continuity across platforms

Firstly, creating continuity across your platforms is the number one step. Ensuring that all emails have social media links to them so that customers can engage with you on multiple platforms, is essential when communicating with your clients.


Mobile friendly platforms

Secondly, making sure all emails and social media pages are mobile friendly is key. No one wants to visit a page to only be able to see a jumbled version of what they are looking for – so ensure that everything runs smoothly within your chosen platforms before putting it out there.


Monthly newsletters

Offer a monthly newsletter to your customers in order to engage with them. Keeping them updated on key events that have been happening within your business means that they never miss important news. Encourage customers to join through social media will enable you to connect the two platforms.


Incentives to connect

Finally give customers incentives for their loyalty. By ensuring you mention any offers or deals that will be beneficial to the reader on your social platforms, this will give the customer a reason to connect with you on more than one channel, such as emails. This will link the two platforms together.

What do you think? Do you prefer to keep the two platforms separate, or do you like to keep your platforms in tandem? Let us know by tweeting us @harveyandhugo.

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