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Liquorette – Darlington’s first pop-up bar opens

The owner of Lane7 in Newcastle has opened Darlington’s first pop-up bar, Liquorette.

Set to be open for around three to six months, this is all part of a larger masterplan to help take the town back to its glory days by property entrepreneur, Tim Wilks.

“We’ll definitely be considering other ventures for the town if Liquorette is a success,” he said.

“Darlington used to be the hive of North East nightlife with popular venues like Blackett’s, Perry’s and Mardi Gras and it’s definitely on the rise again following recent investments. We want to help it get back to its glory days of the 80s and 90s.”

The official launch night of the trendy new venue which is behind the slogan ‘Darlo will rise again’ is this Friday, December 16.

To sign-up for the guest list, go to: www.liquorette.co.uk


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