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Debunking PR myths

Considering the definition of public relations is…

“The professional maintenance of a favourable public image by a company or other organisation or a famous person.”

…the industry itself has a less favourable perception – how ironic.

The Pack are passionate about PR and we believe in the power of telling stories to help businesses succeed.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same. At a family wedding bizz wizz Becca, had a gentleman ask her what industry she worked in and when she told him, received this response “So you’re a professional liar then?”

Clearly, he held that common misconception that PR is unethical and with terms such as spin doctors, master manipulators and executors of propaganda often used to describe those who work in public relations, we can understand how that image has been formed.

So, allow us to share what we do at Harvey & Hugo and debunk some PR myths:

We spread positivity

Our clients often have excellent news to share; they are expanding, they have moved office, or they have seen an increase in sales or demand for their services. These aren’t lies, they are great stories that prove businesses can succeed in an uncertain economy.

We create campaigns with your heart in mind

As your ambassador, it’s great to know what you do, but we want to get to the heart of why you do it. We look at campaigns from an emotive perspective, not to manipulate emotions, but to get people to understand you on a more personal level.

We support small businesses

We believe everyone should have access to PR, marketing and social media services. Whether they’re huge corporations or sole traders, everyone deserves to have their stories told.

We are there in a crisis

Sometimes businesses can find themselves in a bit of a pickle and need some guidance to manage a crisis to ensure years of hard work aren’t undone by one mistake. We provide crisis management PR services to help minimise damage to reputation and rebuild trust and credibility.

We are advocates for the North East

We’re passionate about our roots. Most of The Pack were either born or have strong connections to the North East so we’re proud to shout about our region.

There’s no denying public relations has evolved and we would hope that people’s perceptions have too. Now in an ever increasing digital world, people have instant access to a wealth of information, so honesty really is the best policy when it comes to your business.

If you need some PR support, throw us a bone on 01325 48666 or email info@harveyandhugo.com.

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