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Dense content: what it is and why it’s taking over in 2017

Are you getting tired of reading the same content over and over again, just in different words? You’re not alone. As a marketing agency Newcastle, we’re here to tell you the bite-sized and repetitive content of blogs and listicles that dominate our screens are on the out to make way for this year’s latest SEO trend, dense content.

But what is ‘dense content’, and why is it set to take over our blogs and websites in 2017?

In recent years, content marketing efforts have been focused on producing as much easy to read content as possible, largely as a result of our screens getting smaller and an increase in our desire for ‘lighter’ content when reading online. However, in the last year or so, we’ve seen an interesting surge in ‘heavier’ content; long pieces that cover a topic comprehensively.

It may sound surprising, but heavier content of over 2000 words will typically get more hits and have higher SEO rankings than those averaging 300 words, despite appealing to modern web readers. This is because longer pieces cancel out the noise of monotonous content, creating organic traffic and attracting backlinks as higher quality material.

As the internet continues to be flooded with both light and heavy content, a new trend has formed to get the best of the conflicting varieties – you guessed it, dense content.

Focusing on providing as much information as possible in the smallest amount of space, dense content appeals to readers by providing something they haven’t already read somewhere else, whilst creating organic traffic and attracting backlinks with its ‘dense’ quality.

So how can your business benefit from using dense content?

When creating new content for your business’ website or blog, make sure that your piece is not only informative, but as specific and original to your business as possible to create organic traffic, and be as long as it can be without becoming repetitive.

The trend is set to replace the idiom ‘quality over quantity’ with ‘quality and quantity’, ready to take over SEO in 2017. We’ll be watching this space at our marketing agency Newcastle!

What are your thoughts on dense content, and have you seen evidence of the latest SEO trend?

Let us know at @harveyandhugo

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