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Do we have the most annoying workplace?

We’ve just read a blog titled ‘Workplace habits that drive co-workers bonkers’ on Ragan.com

As a team we feel we’ve done pretty well and managed to cover almost the full 20!

1.Being regularly late – Harvey

2. Whining all the time – Hugo

3. Eating stinking food – Laura

4. Taking lots of cigarette breaks – Harvey, but it’s mainly cigars

5. Deliberately taking a long time to do something/constant procrastination – Hugo

6. Not replacing things that run out (e.g., printer paper, coffee) – No one is guilty

7. Talking on the phone too loudly – Laura

8. Having bad hygiene (coffee breath, BO, visibly dirty clothes) – Hugo

9. Gossiping – Harvey

10. Spraying deodorants, aftershaves and perfumes at desk – Laura and Charlotte (It’s better than 8?)

11. Coming to work when very ill – Charlotte

12. Texting/using mobile phone all day – Charlotte, Natalie and Laura – it’s work!

13. Having an untidy desk – Laura

14. Talking too much about private life – Harvey

15. Invading personal space – Harvey

16. Not making a tea round – Natalie

17. Humming/whistling/singing – LAURA

18.Constantly tapping/clicking pens/typing too loud – Charlotte

19. Stealing other people’s food/lunch – Harvey

20. Using jargon – Natalie uses her very own jargon that no one understands

Our extras outside the top 20 are:

21. Not cc’ing people into emails – Laura

How does your team rank? Are you as annoying as us?

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