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Do you rate Peeple?

Just when you thought there was an app for everything, once again, social media decides to prove you wrong.

Peeple is a forward thinking app which allows users to review individuals they know by giving them star ratings, just like you would review a restaurant or hotel.

The forthcoming app hasn’t even launched yet and it is already generating controversial arguments across the internet.

Due to launch at the end of November, the service enables users to rate people’s professional contacts, friends, and romantic relationships out of five stars.

It focuses on publishing positive reviews of another person – those rated three or more stars – will be published immediately. However, negative reviews, will not be published until the person who has been reviewed has had time to approve them and if someone doesn’t want to be registered on the site, the reviews will be kept private indefinitely.

The app has already had several sceptical reviews but creators insist that the app has been built with positivity at its core as it hopes to encourage people to be kind to one another through the ratings.

It does seem like social media developers are trying to promote the positivity element of the app but many are still cynical.

However, we will just have to wait until November to see if the app does prove to be popular.

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