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Emerging social networks to look out for

Hundreds of new social networks are launched each year. Despite the hype, very few fail to become David against the Goliath’s of the social networking world…. But could one of the networks below topple the mighty? Take a look for yourself….


The new Facebook – Ello: https://ello.co/beta-public-profiles

This is Facebook but with a social conscience. Ello sells itself as “simple, beautiful and ad-free.” It doesn’t like the fact that other social networks see the user as a product for their own financial gain.

They believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment; “Not a tool to deceive, coerce and manipulate — but a place to connect, create and celebrate life.” You can only join by being invited which is creating big demand.


The new Pinterest – Edgee: http://edg.ee/

This is the Pinterest equivalent but for intellectual content rather than just images. It has the philosophy that great content is not discovered via algorithms:  “Human passion beats algorithms. All of our content comes either from award winning sources or our curators!” It also believes that great content is timeless not real time, therefore it provides a platform where in-depth content that is not drowned out by a real-time newsfeed.


The new LinkedIn – Procurious: https://www.procurious.com/

Described by the founder as a niche, LinkedIn, this social network aims to build your personal brand in the world of procurement. The platform helps you influence, negotiate and build relationships with key stakeholders.


The new Instagram – Tagstr: http://tagstr.co/

Tagstr allows you to explore the world through hashtags, which is similar to Instagram. Unlike on Instagram, you can upload multiple images at once and you can also upload audio streams as well as images and videos.


The new Snapchat – Shots: https://shots.com/

Shots is a selfie photo sharing social network that allows you to take and share images only through the front camera on your phone. With a big fan in selfie-loving Justin Bieber who recently led another round of £1M funding for the Company it’s no surprise that the network now has over 2 million users.


What’s interesting about a lot of these emerging social networks is that they’re using the current social networks e.g. Twitter and Facebook to promote themselves!


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