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Having recently got engaged to be married, I’ve been pondering the similarities between a great engagement (relatingbigstock-Two-heads-of-people-with-mecha-25539083 to marriage) and great social media engagement!


Pick a special place

Just like when you’re thinking of the perfect place to ‘pop the question’, you must carefully consider which is the perfect social media platform to engage your target audience. Younger people are much more into Snapchat and Instagram these days, whereas the 50+ category are just starting to get into Facebook.


Think about the content

Personal, creative and well thought through content is much more likely to receive positive feedback rather than just blasting in there with ‘the question’. Take time to set the scene in the build-up to engagement.


Pop the question!

In order to get engaged, you have to actually ask the question! On social media asking questions is also really important. It’s important to make sure that you ask creative and interesting questions rather than those that will evoke a simple yes or no answer or no answer at all.



Don’t leave them hanging! In both situations, it’s important to reply to questions… and the sooner the better!


If you’re not ready for engagement yet, give us a call on 01325 486666 and we’ll send you over a proposal of how we can help you!


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