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Facebook is introducing a controversial new feature

You know that guy who nudges you and asks if you have seen what just happened, right after it just happened? Well, Facebook is giving him a helping hand to reach you in cyberspace too.

The new feature allows users to notify up to ten friends about a post using a loudspeaker icon. The notification, however, will only send a discreet, private notification to the person you have alerted.

Currently, in order to alert a friend to a post you have to tag them in it which makes the post live or sends it to their timeline.

The update could potentially save much embarrassment; for example, that friend who always tags you in gruesome or vulgar videos? Well now your family and employer don’t have to see it. Likewise the other way around… although we’re sure the cool friends you met on your gap year love cat videos their aunty has tagged them in too.

The feature is undoubtedly a huge step forward, enabling us to connect with friends in an ever more meaningful manner- while maintaining privacy, which is of increasing importance to the perma-connected generation.

There is, however, potential to bury other users under mountains of spam notifications. Some have described the new arrival as a revival of the much derided ‘poke’ feature, which was previously discontinued due to its propensity to agitate.

The update is currently on trial with certain users in the UK, Canada and France. Facebook hasn’t yet said when the feature will be fully available.

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