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FAQ: Can I add my contact details and prices into a press release?

A: We can add your contact details to the release we send out if you’d prefer journalists contact you directly, but many people prefer us to field the questions as we can help with responses and give you time to think through questions.

If you wish, we can also include them when we share the release on our website although many people simply prefer a link to their website which is great for SEO. We tend not to use your contact details in the actual press release and they would appear at the end.

Unless a very strong call to action, it is rare for the media to print your contact details as they see this more as advertising. But worry not, with the wonders of technology people can ‘Google’ your company name and find all the contact details they need there.

The above is all the same for adding pricing information into releases – we would only do this if it’s really unique and is an integral part to the story. Again, the media would prefer you to pay for advertising to show prices and special deals. This is where advertising can nicely supplement a PR campaign; the press release will tell your story and then a strategically placed advert can reinforce the message.

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