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FAQ: Can you guarantee coverage of my press release?

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee coverage, however we have a very strong record of generating exposure of your press release. For us, generating coverage success comes down to the following:


  1. Story

A press release is only as good as the story. It’s simple; strong story = lots of coverage, poor story = no coverage. Some strong storylines we recommend include:

We would never write about a story we feel isn’t strong enough to secure coverage and would recommend writing a blog and sharing it on social media instead.


  1. Style

We give the release the best chance of coverage by writing it in the style the journalists write. This is in a very structured way and covers the basics of what the story is about. The most important information should be prioritised at the top of the release and a quotation should be included. We also don’t capitalise job titles because the media don’t and a business is referred to as an ‘it’ rather than ‘they’.


  1. Relationships

We speak to journalists and editors every day, therefore have great relationships with them. This helps us to know what they’re looking for and the best times to send stories through. We have a reputation for sending quality stories so our emails stand out against the thousands of emails they are sent on a daily basis.


So although we can’t guarantee coverage, it’s definitely worth a shot!


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